Atmos Raw – Dry Herb Vape Pen or Electronic Pipe?



The Atmos Raw is a portable pen vaporizer that many are calling an electronic pipe. AtmosRx is the first to take steps toward bringing vaporization of dried herbs to such a small pen design but seems to still be working out a few kinks.

Tank Features:

Hot coil heating element

Ceramic walled chamber

Mesh filter in mouthpiece

Ceramic filter for heat diffusion


710 threaded battery with accidental discharge lock.

The small size of the pen style vaporizer means a smaller chamber, which in turn means that it can reach and beat the high temperature required for vaporizing  almost instantly. This is both a curse and blessing for the Atmos Raw.

Since most popular dry herb vaporizers are bigger than the Atmos Raw, people are more familiar with a device they can just turn on and use. Just holding the Raw button down continuously will produce great heat in such a small area and ultimately combustion.

Unfortunately at this stage, combustion is too easy to achieve with the Raw and the unit must be modified in order to achieve true vaporization. A separate glass honeycomb screen can be purchased to act as a buffer between the dried herbs in the chamber and the hot coil heating element.

This separation between the dry herb and heating coil is intended to promote vaporization but many have found that it still does not allow enough space on its own. Pumping the battery button to constantly start and stop the heater while using the unit can get vapor but doesn’t provide an ideal user experience.

What this ultimately means is that vaporization with such a small unit can be done  but takes a little finesse and an additional screen.


  • Can accommodate dry herbs
  • Quick heat-up time


  • Can easily cause combustion
  • Requires a separate screen to properly vaporize dry herbs

Final Conclusion –

The Atmos Raw is a quality unit with great versatility and potential. Sold as is, the Raw cannot currently fulfill the wish to consistently and effortlessly vaporize dry herbs in such a compact unit. However, it is perfect for those that like to combust and vape and is a great tool to perform other experiments with.

What comes with the Atmos Raw?

– Atmos Raw Battery

– Ceramic Heating Chamber

– Chamber Connector

– Ceramic Filter

– Mesh Filter and Spring

– Rubber Mouthpiece

– Cleaning Brush Tool

– Packing Tool

– Wall Adapter

– USB Charger

– User Manual

Where to buy the Atmos Raw…

We always recommend buying from an authorized retailer or a retailer that purchases from an authorized distributor to assure you are getting an authentic and up to date Atmos Raw with the manufacturer’s warranty in tact.

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