Atmos Boss – The World’s First Herbal Vape Pen



The Atmos Boss vaporizer pen is just that, the world’s first herb vaporizer pen. We’ve all run through the gamut of herbal vape pens meeting nothing but disappointment and lungs full of smoke, but Atmos has finally done what they and so many other companies have sought out to do so many years ago, and that is to create a functional pen that creates actual true vapor from herbs without  burning them!

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Picking the Right Pen – A Quick Buyer’s Guide

With so many pens on the market and more and more popping up, it can be a daunting task picking out your first vaporizer. There are a few key factors to take into consideration in order to make sure you buy a vape you can use and not a $100 paperweight.

What are you vaping?

First things first, what material are you vaporizing, and don’t say everything. Knowing the consistency of your material is the absolute first step in knowing which pen to get. Vaporizer pens can be used for dry herbs, concentrates, or e-liquid.

Now there are multi-task vaporizers out there, however they are usually a jack of all trades master of none type deal. Meaning they can work with multiple materials but don’t really do one or the other the best possible way. The beauty of vape pens is that you can easily swap out different cartridges but obtaining a starter kit primarily focused on one material is really the best way to got.

Liquid – if your material is thin like water, chances are you have a PG and/or VG based liquid which may or may not contain nicotine. These are the mot common types of pens and are available in many style. The most common is the eGo kit which usually consists of a 510 threaded eGo battery and some sort of clearomizer (atomizer tank combination.) Juice is held in the tank and heated by the atomizer to produce vapor.

Concentrates – Materials that have a consistency of honey or thicker are usually referred to as oils. These require a high heat and usually consist of an exposed coil where waxes are dabbed onto.

Dry herbs – Herb pens are broken down into two sub-categories; flameless combustion pens and true vapor pens.

Flameless combustion pens have an exposed coil and burn your herbs to create smoke. These are very common and are often sold as “vaporizers” but it’s important to know that these are actually creating smoke. An herbal vape pen is a great choice if you are are into quick smoke breaks without having to introduce a lighter or match to the equation.

True vapor pens have the ability to heat your herbs in a controlled environment without burning or creating smoke. This has been the dream many vaporizer pen manufacturer’s have been chasing and very few have even come close to doing.


What Is E-Juice Steeping And Do I Need To Do It? – A How To Guide For More Flavorful Liquids


In your pen vaporizer searches you may have come come across reviews mentioning steeping e-liquids and by now you’re probably asking yourself “what is e-juice steeping, do I need to steep my e-liquids, and if so, how do I steep e-liquids?”

This quick guide should answer all of your questions and get you properly vaporizing your e-liquids in no time. Continue reading